Selected samples of Elsa’s writing and other productions. (For more articles, you can check my recent work and the clip archive.)

ScienceNOW Daily News

  • Laundry Lint Pollutes the World’s Oceans link pdf
    Synthetic clothes release microscopic plastic fibers when washed
    21 October 2011
  • Carnivorous Plant Feasts on Bat Dung link pdf
    Bats sleep in plants’ insect traps, then make a deposit
    25 January 2011
  • Forget Mice, Elephants Really Hate Ants link pdf
    An aversion to biting ants keeps elephants from ravaging the savanna
    2 September 2010

American Scientist

  • Bats Gorge During Exercise link pdf
    Analysis of bat breath reveals an unusual ability to digest rich food while working out
    March-April 2011
  • In the News link pdf
    A potpourri of science news in each issue of the magazine. In this example, we learn about insect mind control, a day on Neptune and more.
    September-October 2011
  • Audio Slideshow: An Empire Without Food Vimeo link
    Dr. Craig McClain discusses the astonishing existence of life on the deep sea floor, as part of American Scientist’s Pizza Lunch lecture series.
    15 December 2009

PRI’s The World

  • Customized Atlases of the Amazon link
    In the Amazon, scientists have teamed up with indigenous communities to create atlases that show how hunting and other activities affect the forest.
    25 August 2011
  • Himba Music From Namibia mp3 or link
    A psychologist’s journey to learn about human emotions became an everlasting memory.
    22 June 2011

PRI’s The World Science Podcast

“Elsa’s Favorite Science Stories” and “Music in Science” were recurring segments that Elsa produced for The World Science podcast. Here are a few examples.

  • Steamed Dinosaur Eggs and Other News mp3 or link to entire episode
    How some dinosaurs incubated their eggs; good news and bad news about organic agriculture. A chat with podcast host Rhitu Chatterjee.
    7 July 2010
  • Music Segment: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald mp3 or link to entire episode
    Meteorology professor John Knox tells how he makes his class memorable. Introduced by podcast host Rhitu Chatterjee.
    5 May 2010
  • Click Languages and Other News mp3 or link to entire episode
    A prehistoric murder mystery, a globe-trotting dust cloud, and the many ways the mouth can click. A chat with then-podcast-host David Kohn.
    24 July 2009


  • COMMUNITY ECOLOGY: All That Makes Fungus Gardens Grow link
    The discovery of a parasitic yeast draws attention to the ways that pathogens can stabilize ant agriculture and other symbiotic networks
    23 May 2008 (Science 320:1006-1007)
  • INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Elusive Pathogen Cornered at Last link
    Researchers discover an environmental hiding place for the bacteria that cause a devastating disease known as Buruli ulcer.
    28 March 2008 (Science 319:1747)

WOSU Public Media

  • People and Animals Beat the Heat at State Fair mp3 or link
    As the heat index pushes 100, fair participants and visitors take extra precautions to keep themselves and their animals safe.
    6 August 2007

  • Giant Gun Fires Simulated Space Junk mp3 or link
    Engineers are testing a 45 foot long gun that uses compressed hydrogen and a pound of gunpowder to shoot aluminum pellets into a vacuum at 20 thousand miles per hour.
    27 June 2007